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Inuit Cross-Stitching Pangnirtung Nunavut
Inuit Crafts Pangnirtung Nunavut Inuit Art Pangnirtung Nunavut

Inuit Jewellery Pangnirtung Nunavut
Guaranteed Authenticity
Uqqurmiut Centre Pangnirtung NunavutAll crafts are made by Canadian Inuit artisans. Sculptures carry the Canadian Government's official "igloo" tag. All items come with our own "Three Ptarmigans" tag of authenticity.
We Ship World Wide
Inuit Crafts Pangnirtung NunavutThrough Canada Post and other shipping partners, we ship our products around the globe from our shipping center in Northern Canada (Nunavut).
Secure Online Ordering
Inuit Art Pangnirtung NunavutWe take your security and privacy very seriously. All checkout pages use SSL encryption and we follow a strict privacy policy.
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Inuit Jewellery Pangnirtung Nunavut

Inuit Cross-Stitching Pangnirtung Nunavut
Inuit Crafts Pangnirtung Nunavut
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